Indocrypt, the International Conference on Cryptology in India, has been held every year since 2000, and has been held under the aegis of the Cryptology Research Society of India since 2003.

Indocrypt 202310–13 December 2023Sancoale, Goa
Indocrypt 202211–14 December 2022Kolkata
Indocrypt 202112–15 December 2021Jaipur
Indocrypt 201915–18 December 2019Hyderabad
Indocrypt 20189–12 December 2018New Delhi
Indocrypt 201710–13 December 2017Chennai
Indocrypt 201611–14 December 2016Kolkata
Indocrypt 20156–9 December 2015Bangalore
Indocrypt 201414–17 December 2014New Delhi
Indocrypt 20137–10 December 2013Mumbai
Indocrypt 20129–12 December 2012Kolkata
Indocrypt 201111–14 December 2011Chennai
Indocrypt 201012–15 December 2010Hyderabad
Indocrypt 200913–16 December 2009New Delhi
Indocrypt 200814–17 December 2008Kharagpur
Indocrypt 20079–13 December 2007Chennai
Indocrypt 200611–13 December 2006Kolkata
Indocrypt 200510–12 December 2005Bangalore
Indocrypt 200420–22 December 2004Chennai
Indocrypt 20038–10 December 2003New Delhi
Indocrypt 200216–18 December 2002Hyderabad
Indocrypt 200116–20 December 2001Chennai
Indocrypt 200010–13 December 2000Calcutta (renamed Kolkata in 2001)